The Mane Choice Do It ''FRO'' The Culture Courageous Conditioner 236 ml

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The Mane Choice Do It "FRO" The Culture Powerful Conditioner, this special, iconic and revolutionary conditioner has been specially developed for Afro hair! Specially formulated with black charcoal and black cumin seeds to eliminate toxins, allowing nutrients and moisture to penetrate more effectively to promote hair texture.

The added antioxidants strengthen and protect the hair against the elements. Rich in nutrients to nourish hair and scalp and give freedom to be impudent, voluminous and beautiful!

The Mane Choice Do It "FRO" The Culture Courageous Conditioner locks moisture and absorbs impurities. Infused with natural ingredients to help untangle and remove knots. Seals and smoothes the cuticle to increase shine and minimize frizz. Makes the hair super soft and silky. Strengthens the hair to improve elasticity, which minimizes breakage. Hydrates with vital moisture and offers the perfect balance between definition and volume.

* Locks moisture while absorbing impurities
* Hydrates and strengthens from within
* Detangles and removes nodes
* Seals & softens the cuticle to enhance shine
* Makes hair super soft and lint-free