The Mane Choice Do it ''Fro'' The Culture Accomplished Leave In 237 ml

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The Mane Choice Do It 'FRO "The Culture Accomplished Triple Layer Leave, this special, iconic and revolutionary leave-in has been specially developed for Afro hair! Specially formulated with black charcoal and black cumin seeds to eliminate toxins that make nutrients and moisture more effective penetrate to promote your own hair texture.

The added antioxidants strengthen and protect the hair against the elements. Rich in nutrients to nourish hair and scalp and give freedom to be impudent, voluminous and beautiful!

The Mane Choice Do It 'FRO "The Culture Accomplished Triple Layer Leave-In is a multi-action formula with many nutrients. Offers detangling properties to instantly relieve and remove knots. It also provides an extra layer to protect the hair and provides maximum moisture, sealing and smooth cuticles to increase shine and help reduce moisture loss.For super soft and extremely silky hair.The final layer offers moisturizing properties to retain moisture for a long time and strengthens the hair for elasticity and overall integrity to improve.

* Nutrient-rich formula strengthens and cares.
* Provides maximum moisture and protection
* Helps minimize knots
* seals & softens the cuticle to enhance shine
* Leaves hair silky soft and lint-free
* Strengthens the hair to improve the elasticity and integrity of the hair