About us

Since 2002 we have been doing business in ethnic beauty products. With a wide selection of beauty products and cosmetic products mainly specialized in hair and skin, our company offers more than 200 brands, mainly from around the world.


Hair Snap has grown over the years into a renowned company, well known by a large, fast-growing group of customers and suppliers both on the domestic and on the international market. The strength of our company is our very extensive range of product lines in beauty products and accessories for hair and skin, including a wide selection of wigs and extension. We sell everything you think you need in the field of beauty products.


The web shop will offer the same service that you expect from any store. Our spearhead is also here to deliver high service and quality and to fully satisfy the customer. The advantage of the web shop is of course that you can surf the web shop 24 hours a day from home for product information and reviews.


With the flexibility of an online shop, we can serve customers from all over the world, at any time and with the simple push of a button. In addition, our company will continue to expand the product lines with attractive offers. If you want to stay informed about new products and offers, add us on social media.